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ECI831 – September 14, 2009 – Week 2

Posted by dennisar on September 14, 2009

Week one was for those taking this course for credit.

Here’s a post on how Alec is using Twitter as one way to help participants connect during the course. He is using the power of one tool ( to mine the richness of another tool (twitter). This “structural move” on his part potentially facilitates communication and collaboration within the class. Its usefulness, however, is dependent on whether or not the class takes advantage of this resource.

EC&I 831 Twitter Lists

By admin | Published: September 14, 2009

Hi everyone,
I have taken all of the Twitter user ids of for-credit students, non-credit students, and presenters and have created two lists. I had to create two lists as the limit is currently 100 members for each list. I am told by TweepML that they will raise the limit soon at which time I will combine the lists into one.

For now:
List #1:
List #2:

I believe this will make it a bit easier for people to find each other on Twitter.


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Teaching & Learning with Alec and Others

Posted by dennisar on September 7, 2009

Today is Labor Day, a national holiday on the first Monday in September in the United States. Teachers have either returned to school by now or they begin tomorrow. One hundred and eighty days in a classroom from now until the end of the year. I will be teaching teachers this year. Three classes of teachers in three different school districts in Massachusetts. The classes begin on September 24th, October 15th and January 6th, respectively. I titled the course The Three C’s of 21st Century Teaching and Learning.

Time permitting, I will be participating as a non-registered student in an online course lead by Dr. Alec Couros from Saskatchewan, Canada titled Social Media & Open Education: Open, Connected, Social, ECI831.

This is the main page for EC&I 831: Social Media & Open Education, an open access graduate course from the Faculty of Education, University of Regina. This course is available to both for-credit and not-for-credit students. It features openly available, live, and recorded presentations from notable educators & theorists. It is anticipated that the open nature of this course will benefit both the registered and non-registered students especially in the fostering and development of long-term, authentic, educational connections.

I’m looking forward to being a teacher and a learner this year.

For anyone unlucky enough not to be Canadian, here are some aids to help you prepare for the course.

Audio Aid: Saskatchewan (pronounced səˈskætʃɨwɑːn (listen))

Visual Aid: Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Regina, Saskatchawan, Canada

Cultural Aid:

molson brewery

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